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InfiniteECM for Banks

Content Storage

InfiniteECM offers very powerful search capabilities in Arabic & English including the following:

  • Document Metadata, which enables the user to search using the document creation date, author, last modification use, page creating date...etc.
  • Document indexes. This search allows the user to search for a document using the user defined indexing fields which are designed by the system administrator in addition the document title.
  • Saved Queries. The system allows the user to search using pre-defined queries for fast search & retrieval
  • Keyword. InfiniteECM allows the search using document keywords.
  • Security level and document categories.
  • Native Application Search. This method of search allows the users to search for the documents linked to other database application from within InfiniteECM without the need to refer back to the original database application.
  • Content Search. InfiniteECM contains a built in content search functions that all the system users to search inside the content of each document in the system. This will add to InfiniteECM indexing and search power by allowing the user to perform searches in the contents of the document whether it was Arabic or English.

InfiniteECM allows for logical and Boolean search as well like (AND, OR, =, <,>) or even wild card searched and data ranges. InfiniteECM also allows for logical combinations of various types of searches to help the user find what is looking for easily.

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