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InfiniteECM for Banks


InfiniteECM runs on ORACLE Framework in addition to Microsoft.Net platform and can access data and storage on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows Server and UNIX based platforms supporting TCP/IP.

InfiniteECM includes enterprise application integration features and wizards. This powerful capability enables organizations to easily capture, index, process, store and easily retrieve documents from the main application' interface, thus increasing the value of your existing applications by adding integration points with minimum source code modifications to retrieve and append the attached documents for each screen.

For legacy windows based applications the integration can be done without any source code modifications to the existing applications

InfiniteECM Admin. This module allows the system administrator to configure the whole InfiniteECM platform. The administrator can manage the users and groups in addition to maintain their related Access Control Lists (ACL).

The system will provide the out of the box Document Type definitions with customized easy and flexible Indexing and data entry fields design. A storage tree construction is provided by the administration module in addition to other advanced administration modules such as system monitoring, Access Control Lists, Subsidiary Administration, Documents Recycle, User Profile Management, Audit Trail for all system and user transactions, Document Workflow Process, System Standard and Customizable Reports, Volume Management and many other administration features and screens.

InfiniteECM Client. Using this module the users will be able to login to the system according to their access control lists for the general purpose of any ECM/EDMS solution such as Capture, Process and Distribute the available content.

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