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Data Entry and Index Design

While indexing, the content will be associated with a data entry form that the system administrator had already designed for this type of content. The form contains all the needed information to classify and index this content.

The form used to index the content may contain any of the default information such as and not limited to the content identification, content type, author name, content location and several other custom variables used to identify the content.

All the indexes and other variables used to index the content are maintained using a relational database, which provides the data at the request of the application.

Data objects can be easily grouped in folders, which in turn can be grouped in other folders creating hierarchical indexing architecture.

When dealing with indexing, InfiniteECM comes in two options:

  • InfiniteECM can be used to add content management capabilities to existing database applications. Whether your application is windows-based or web-based.
  • In case you don't have an existing application InfiniteECM provides a powerful mechanism for defining your own index design to be used when capturing content.
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