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Information Exchange ( routing ) and E-mail Support

The system provides a very powerful and easy to use GUI interface to offer its comprehensive mail service, which is used with seamless integration with the whole system. Users of the system can use the mail to exchange documents and attachments of any type and other data objects among themselves and with users outside the system using a fully bilingual Arabic /Latin messages and interface, allowing drag and drop, point and click processing of user commands. The system provides each user with its own mailbox, which is secured with a password assigned for it. Using the mailbox, users can send and receive mail from the system or from outside the system. The mailbox also provides the users with the ability to store their important mail packages in their own special folders, to maintain authenticated electronic communication.

The mail utility in the system is completely MAPI compliant, which ensures compatibility with Microsoft Exchange used for international E-mail. This feature ensures the smooth operation of the mail system on all levels of communication, whether on the workgroup level or the worldwide level, with scalability and consistency.

Using the MAPI technology assures the users that their mail system can provide the whole functionality and power of the technology's most recent trends and developments in the E-mail area with seamless compatibility.

The mail system provides the ability to create mail groups of system users using which; several users can be addressed simultaneously.

Another powerful feature of the system is the ability to create custom mail queues, using which; the users can exchange messages among each other using their internal mailboxes, not using email. This will allow the users to exchange documents and task and set deadline for tasks on documents. Users can send the document either in parallel on in serial manager which will help them to create user-defined workflows. Users will be able to know the status of he documents they sent and know their exact location.

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