You can download the latest updated files from the Public One Drive URL:

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Release Notes:

– Ability to Print User/Date/Machine Stamp on printed images

– Allow Re-Sort Pages user in enabled mode to see all available documents regardless of lock status/sec-level

– Allow User to delete the document if became permanent and no pages inside it

– Add Export Option to Global Search Results

– Add Batch Operations Send to Portal Workflows and News/Circulars

– Add Send to Portal News/Circulars options

– Prevent user from modifying meta data when document becomes permanent

– Add Delete Permanent Files Privilege to Users Security

– Fix Login issue in latest updated Windows Server 2008/2012 R2

– Fix the Time stored for system/document transactions (Universal Time)

– Add ability to repeat bookmark name inside Word Template by add __ & Serial (i.e. Text__1, Text__2 etc) Also for System Code i.e. use (Code__ID and Code__DESC) or Code alone

– Enhance Encryption Algorithm and Add “Encrypt Files on Client” option

– Add Support for Reports Archiving/Custom Page View (i.e. Banking Sector)

– Fix issue when user name and some other titles contains single quote

– Fix issue for TWAIN Scanning using some multi-function devices

– Make Print privilege per document type if it is disabled from client general privileges

– Latest version can be upgraded on site without stopping older version on clients

– Show Full User Name inside Admin -> Security -> Group Members Dialog

– Fix View page with long name and not containing Extension while page is encrypted.

– Workflow Portal Integration with InfiniteECM supports now “MicrosoftEdge.exe” (Windows 10) as default browser

– Add ability to generate retention reports per any document type date field (not only the document create date)

– Fix Complex Password Check on logon