You can download the latest updated files from the Public SkyDrive:

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Release Notes:

– Fix issue in Original File Name with Import Pages After/Before

– Fix issue in Order of Add Pages After/Before

– Fix issue of Login Dialog Crash on Windows Server 2012

– Fix issue of Client Toolbar sometimes when call it as enabled mode

– Fix issue of client SDK calling with long parameters or contains spaces

– Fix Follow-up Sent Portal Workflow from Document Transactions Log

– Add “Find Pages by Original file name” to Find pages dialog

– When Select Document Pages from Thumbs view the Ctrl button is active by default

– Add “View pages in height fit” by default in “system settings”

– Fix issue when open thumbs in new windows by default while Content filter is active

– Ignore “FOLD_VAL” from Inside Inbox,Outbox,Global Search and Reminders Trees

– Add “Inherit” to Children folders feature to ACL Dialog on folders level

– View Deleted Document from Recycle Bin Dialog

– Always show Thumbnails even file are not found on storage path

– Enhanced Import Images Feature with fast TIF conversion and support more types

– When export pages use the original file name if applicable

– Additional Database Indexes for Fatser Retreival Performance

– Expand some system Titles (Groups, Tree Objects, Document Types and Applications)

– New Enhanced Image Server Storage Filing Heirarchy for Faster Capture Performance

– Sort Documents List in DMS by Update Date Asc/Desc and in Enabled mode by name

– Make Sort Pages Dialog hanlds Double Click by Mouse with Left/Right Alignment

– When Add folder make FOLD_VAL=FOLD_ID and activate it in Documents Add/Search

– Fix issue when open in new Windows with defaul thumbs view

– Fix issue when both fill name settings are selected with one field only then doc name is empty

– Fix slow save document properties when fill a lot of document indexes of type system codes

– Add New Option to make Thumbs View as Default

– Enhanced High Speed Thumnails View

– Keep Original File Name when Import Images/Objects Files

– Add Re-Sort Pages Dialog

– Fill Template feature supports Tables now

– Fix use “Fill Index” option with large text indexes (more than 256 characters)

– Fix Search in properties using document name or using last update user

– Including the Updated Docs/Pages to Productivity Reports