InfiniteECM V4.05.20141015 has been finally released with a lot of new features and enhancements

InfiniteECM V4.05 Server/Admin Release Notes

• New Advanced User Settings & Security Features (User Activate Date, User Expiry Date, Password Expiry Date, Password Failure Logins Counter, Complex Passwords Option and Minimum length of 6 characters).
• Ability to convert Normal User to Domain User and Vice Versa
• Ability to specify Portal Login Name for each user
• Embedded HV-Capture Applications Security
• Multiple Security Level per user or group
• Ability to specify the user/group access privileges per System Codes Content
• New Security Module Reports (Users and Privileges)
• Admin can logs out users from Monitoring Interface
• Supports Unlimited No of Stations
• Add Station Security Feature (Ability to Specify Granted List of users per station)
• Add Station ID filter to System/Documents Transactions Log
• Ability to Push Client Updates from Server (Using Database Migration/Update Tool)
• Ability to track Stations Update Progress (Done and Pending Stations)
• Ability to Log out a user from client side using Admin Monitoring Interface
• Embed External System Codes Tool with Admin/Client Interfaces

InfiniteECM V4.05 Client Release Notes

• New Update Service on the client side to update client automatically when new updates pushed on server
• Show full user name in productivity reports
• New Dynamic Report of Document Type Indexes Grouping
• Update Indexes using Batch Operations supports Updating Documents’ Security Level
• Ability to Fill value of Text Indexes from old data using new Filter dialog while add or search documents
• Add feature to view by default recently added or updated documents (within 48 hours) when double click on document type
• Enhance System Codes Filter Dialog to handle Arabic Special Letters and smart handle for %
• Show System Codes/External Codes in System Codes Filter Dialog and in Client Menu
• Enhanced TIF to PDF converter Engine when Export, Send Email and Send to Portal

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