You can download the latest updated files from the Public SkyDrive:

Release Notes:

– Add No of pages to the search results Report

– Add Send Document URL (Web Light Viewer URL) by Email

– Fix the Arabic Layout Issue on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

– Fix Productivity Reports to not count deleted documents and found in the Recycle Bin

– Hide original doc type extension (i.e. tif, doc, xls and etc,,,) when convert to PDF or Send to Portal

– Fix issue of export or send to email as PDF in Client with Arabic titles on some platforms

– InfiniteECM Indexes Update Dialog in batch operation (Hide only serial index but show other unique indexes if there is more than one unique),,,

– In Search with External System Codes Dialog When click Enter the search will start as %

– Send Document to Email as PDF and PDF/A File Format

– Add Send to Portal using PDF File Format or InfiniteECM WebLV URL

– Add Export to PDF and PDF/A File Format