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InfiniteECM Fax Server Solution provides an enterprise fax solution for sending, receiving, routing, and archiving high volumes of fax documents based on MS Windows© Server Platform 2003, 2008 or above.

Using InfiniteECM Fax Server you can easily merge advanced electronic fax exchange into your existing business processes and information strategies. Employees and customers instantly share business critical documents across and beyond the enterprise. The Fax Server helps your organization improve cash flow by dramatically shortening the cycle of business operations and the results:

  • Streamlined information flow for faster communication.
  • Increased productivity for administrators and end-users.
  • Reduced messaging and business communication costs.
  • Improved competitiveness.
  • Improved customer loyalty relief.

InfiniteECM Fax Server delivers versatile, high-performance automated fax for any enterprise environment, cutting costs and keeping business-critical documents in motion.

Using the Fax Server powerful automation features, you can accelerate document exchange, improve user and administrator productivity, and substantially reduce fax-related expenses. All of which helps your organization become more efficient and profitable.

Friendly User Interface & Bilingual Interface

For ease of use in any client environment and in any location, InfiniteECM Fax Server comes in bilingual interface (English/Arabic) that offers a full range of interface choices it simplifies sending, receiving, and storing faxes for in-office users of InfiniteECM.

InfiniteECM Fax Server boosts productivity and cuts messaging costs by unifying fax and email by providing a versatile tool for automated reception and transmission of faxes, incoming or outgoing from the system with ease and efficiency.

Fax Management & Multiple Fax Lines

InfiniteECM Fax Server provides centralized or decentralized fax management interface(s) to control multiple fax lines through regular Fax Modems or Fax Boards for sending and receiving faxes from and to multiple sources controlled by the InfiniteECM Fax Server(s) and components. 

Fax Receiving

When a new fax has been received through the InfiniteECM Fax Server, it will detects the incoming RID (Receiver ID – Receiving Fax Line) and SID (Sender ID – If available) and it will automatically route that Fax to the pre-specified document type library and related person.

E-Mail Notifications

InfiniteECM Fax Server can be integrated with MS-Exchange so that incoming Fax notification can be configured to notify certain users about the reception of new faxes. In addition the system is capable of proving email notification about outgoing faxes status to the user that originated the fax in the first place.

Incoming Fax Distribution (Internal Simple Workflow)

Using the InfiniteECM Incoming Fax Router, the system will be able to map any address book contact to the required document type library inside InfiniteECM system using a simple easy to use interface in addition to ability to assign the default recipient person he will be notified about the new incoming Fax and will be able to re-send it again to the next person using the system built-in simple routing/workflow engine or by the e-mail client.

Universal Address Book

Using InfiniteECM address book, the authorized system users will be able to add entries representing contact information including contact name, phone number, fax number, and email address…etc for all contracts of the organization divided into groups and accessed centrally by all authorized persons.

Fax Sending

When a user needs to send a Fax from within the system, all he has to do is to upload the fax message file (i.e. Word file) to the client system then indicate the name of the recipient(s) from the Universal Address Book and finally send the fax.

InfiniteECM Fax Server will queue all outgoing faxes on the server to be send automatically or optionally can hold fax sending until get administrator approval before the actual transmission takes place.

Fax Mail Merge (Electronic Files)

InfiniteECM Fax Server adopts the full featured mail merge technology needed to send a Fax Letter to large number of recipients at the same time within the minimum time and efforts by defining a template file (i.e. Word file) including the fax text, logos, images and signatures as well as variable fields or book marks (i.e. Recipient Name, Fax Number, Title & etc) then InfiniteECM Fax Server will handle the full operation to merge the data and generates the final fax letter for each recipient and sending it automatically.

Content Search (Optical Character Recognition)

Using the optional component “InfiniteECM OCR Server – Full Text Search Engine” the system can provide the users with ability to search within the Text of the incoming Faxes using any word or phrase comes in the Fax Subject or Body (Multiple Language OCR Engine is available i.e. English Arabic, French and etc).

Note: The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology is used to convert the received Faxes from solid images to a searchable text.

Search for all Faxes by Indexes

The authorized users can use the InfiniteECM Client to search & retrieve all stored fax letters (Received or sent) according to document type library and by the filled-out indexes or composite of them (i.e. Fax Receive Date and/or Party Name and/or Fax Subject and etc).

The output search results can be exported or printed out as report and the individual faxes can be viewed, printed out, send by workflow engine to another user or send by email according to the privileges granted to the current system’s user that by the system’s administrator.

Retrieve Faxes from Web Interface

Using InfiniteECM Web Light Viewer the users can be retrieve and navigate the stored faxes using the Intranet or Internet network from any place without need to install any software on the client PC.

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