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InfiniteECM OCR Server is specially designed to perform full content extraction using the OCR technology. OCR Server performs Multilingual OCR for the documents in InfiniteECM repository and fills out the resulting text in those documents to allow the users at the remote Servers to perform full text search on the content instead of documents that are available in the system. InfiniteECM OCR functionality automatically detects document layout, quality, and text export type and transforms image documents into editable text with different fonts and point sizes with extreme accuracy, using multiple third party powerful OCR engines.

Multilingual OCR. InfiniteECM OCR Server is capable of performing OCR using different languages including Arabic and English. The Server can also be integrated with other OCR engines to support many other languages according to the needs of customers.

High Accuracy & Speed. InfiniteECM OCR Server provides unsurpassable accuracy for OCR, even on complicated document structures and different font sizes and column data. It will also retain the document layout and structure, including text formats and images.

Infinite Integration. InfiniteECM OCR Server integrates seamlessly with several OCR engines such as and not limited to OmniPage, Sakhr, ReadIRIS and NovoDynamics provides a unified interface for all OCR functionality. InfiniteECM OCR Server can integrate with a multitude of OCR engines including English, Arabic or other languages.

Flexibility. InfiniteECM OCR Server is highly customizable. It can be customized to fit organizations’ special needs for OCR and text indexing for documents. In addition, InfiniteECM OCR Server is capable of generating files with different formats such as simple text, RTF, HTML, PDF/T, PDF/A and etc.

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