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InfiniteECM Capture is a specialized Paper Capturing Software that is capable of handing scalable amount of paper documents with full customization of life cycle for accurate and high quality output. Using InfiniteECM Capture users can capture, automatically index and verify images using the quality assurance lifecycle management at very high speed with remarkable efficiency and ease of use.

InfiniteECM Capture organizes each group of related paper batches into capture processes. Each custom-defined process of batches has a certain configurations of scanning, automatic indexing and quality assurance lifecycle management.

InfiniteECM Capture has an advanced configuration wizard that allows the user to customize the scanning and indexing process in the way that fits the required needs.

Capture Phase

1-     Document Capture. InfiniteECM Capture scans the documents in the form of batches, using scanning procedure that produced maximum efficiency, and utilizes the scanner maximum scanning capability.

2-     Automatic/Manual Indexing. After any batch has been committed to the system. The system allows the users to manually or automatically index the scanned batch. During this phase the user is allowed to enter the index values required for the documents. The system administrator would have designed these index fields. The system has the option of using the automatic indexing in which the powerful OCR/Barcode will automatically read the information from the scanned documents and extract the indexing information from the documents.

3-     Additional Data Extraction. This is a customizable phase where the system will be able to extract additional indexing information from external database or third party data systems where some of that information must be attached to the current indexing procedure. Later those additional indexes will be distributed to the core ECM or EDMS solution for retrieval purposes.

4-     Quality Assurance Management. A verification phase may be required according to the application setup to verify if the documents captured in the correct way within the acceptable quality measures in addition to validate if the attached indexing data is correct.

5-     Document Publishing. InfiniteECM Capture is equipped with a customizable publishing engine that is capable of interpreting the indexing information of the documents in the scanned batches and exporting them to InfiniteECM Capture according to the each document’s index. Also, optionally the system can be integrated to publish the scanned batches with multiple EDSM or ECM solutions such as and not limited to OpenText Livelink, DocuWare and OmniDocs and etc…

 Benefits of using the solution

1-     InfiniteECM Capture minimizes the time & effort of document indexing by limiting the users’ focus to the indexing function with easy to use standard interface.

2-     InfiniteECM Capture reduces errors resulting from users by automatically validating the index entered by the user on the fly.

3-     InfiniteECM Capture enables the users to utilize the full power of the scanners, by dedicating special scanning stations whose sole job is scanning, leaving all other operations to be done at other station than scanning stations.

4-     InfiniteECM Capture helps standardize the capturing process, using the rules that were set the system administrator. These rules govern the behavior of the batch ensuring data and image integrity.

5-     InfiniteECM Capture is fully customizable system per process to fit the customer needs exactly and not restrict any demand that may make the whole process faster and easier.

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