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InfiniteECM Portal is a scalable Enterprise Intranet Portal Solution. The system will enable the organization automate the paper forms, centralize the systems’ access and simplify new publishing and task/calendar sharing. 

The flexible architecture of solution makes the implementation of an Enterprise Intranet Portal affordable and available. System administrators can easily install and configure Infinite Intranet Portal components into their environment. Modular design and scalability allows the solution to grow with the environment and business needs.

Infinite Intranet Portal runs on Microsoft .Net platform and can access data and storage on Microsoft Windows Server.

2.2.1       Core System Components 

  • Infinite Intranet Portal Admin. This module allows the system administrator to configure the whole Infinite Intranet Portal platform. The administrator can manage the users and groups in addition to maintain their related Access Control Lists (ACL). The system will provide the out of the box Workflow definitions with customized easy and flexible options. In addition to other advanced administration modules such as organization chart building Active Directory Integration, User Profile Management, Audit Trail for all system and user transactions, Document Workflow Process, System Standard and Customizable Reports and many other administration features and screens.  
  • Infinite Intranet Portal Client. Using this module the users will be able to login to the system according to their access control lists for the general purpose of any INTRANET PORTAL solution such as Initiate workflow, add/comment blogs, Calendar and access the standard and authorized list of organization’s systems. 

2.2.1       InfiniteECM Web Portal Technical Specifications Organization Chart/Employee Management:

  • Ability to define multiple levels of organizations such as Department/ Sub-Departments/Sections and Employees
  • Ability to define and assign a user to the suitable part of the organization chart.
  • Ability to specify the manager of each part of the organization or for a specific employee
  • Ability to specify at least two replacements when the manager is out of office for travel or vacation. Users, Employees’ Roles and Signatures Management

  • Ability to define unlimited number of users.
  •  Ability to assign the user to organization chart also the suitable security and privileges group
  • Ability to define an image signature for each user and save them encrypted to the database to be used in approvals of the electronic forms.
  • Ability to define a standard list of job title roles and assign each user to the suitable role type.
  • Ability to assign user name and password for each employee.
  • Ability to Integrate with Active Directory for OS authentication.  Approvals and Ad-hoc Workflow Engine

  • Out of the box workflow engine based on two types: Approvals and Ad-hoc workflows.
  • Ability to define multiple templates of the two types with ability to customized number of steps in each template and to specify the final approval employee/replacements and CC/replacement
  • Ability to initiate the electronic forms (workflows) from the employee portal according the authorized forms for the logged-on user.
  • Ability to link the approvals workflow to organization char so, the user will not choose the next recipient and the system will automatically selects the next approval according to the managed-by relationship.
  • Ability to implement the “Internal Memos” workflow using the ad-hoc built-in workflow engine with ability to optionally add attachments to each memo and to show the users’ signature on the electronic form. News/Announcements and Blogs Management

  • Ability to define publishing articles such as News, Announcements and Personal Blogs.
  • News contains two type of news: News per department and general new for all.
  • Ability to add attachments for any new article (News or Blogs).
  •  Ability to add comments on the published articles by users.
  • Ability to archive the old news and blogs to old articles archive and will be accessed using alternative way.
  • All those features are controlled by the security module in the administrator side.           General InfiniteECM Web Portal Specifications:

  • The system contains two interfaces: end-user and administrator interface.
  • The system runs at windows-base platforms such as Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP and Windows Vita or above.
  • The Database side is at least MS SQL 2005 or above.
  • The MS.Net Framework is 2.0 or above.
  • Unlimited number of users.

Ability to link any third party system with the portal directly without need for development skills.


InfiniteECM HV Capture

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InfiniteECM Capture is a specialized Paper Capturing Software that is capable of handing scalable amount of paper documents with full customization of life cycle for accurate and high quality output. Using InfiniteECM Capture users can capture, automatically index and verify images using the quality assurance lifecycle management at very high speed with remarkable efficiency and ease of use.

InfiniteECM Capture organizes each group of related paper batches into capture processes. Each custom-defined process of batches has a certain configurations of scanning, automatic indexing and quality assurance lifecycle management.

InfiniteECM Capture has an advanced configuration wizard that allows the user to customize the scanning and indexing process in the way that fits the required needs.

Capture Phase

1-     Document Capture. InfiniteECM Capture scans the documents in the form of batches, using scanning procedure that produced maximum efficiency, and utilizes the scanner maximum scanning capability.

2-     Automatic/Manual Indexing. After any batch has been committed to the system. The system allows the users to manually or automatically index the scanned batch. During this phase the user is allowed to enter the index values required for the documents. The system administrator would have designed these index fields. The system has the option of using the automatic indexing in which the powerful OCR/Barcode will automatically read the information from the scanned documents and extract the indexing information from the documents.

3-     Additional Data Extraction. This is a customizable phase where the system will be able to extract additional indexing information from external database or third party data systems where some of that information must be attached to the current indexing procedure. Later those additional indexes will be distributed to the core ECM or EDMS solution for retrieval purposes.

4-     Quality Assurance Management. A verification phase may be required according to the application setup to verify if the documents captured in the correct way within the acceptable quality measures in addition to validate if the attached indexing data is correct.

5-     Document Publishing. InfiniteECM Capture is equipped with a customizable publishing engine that is capable of interpreting the indexing information of the documents in the scanned batches and exporting them to InfiniteECM Capture according to the each document’s index. Also, optionally the system can be integrated to publish the scanned batches with multiple EDSM or ECM solutions such as and not limited to OpenText Livelink, DocuWare and OmniDocs and etc…

 Benefits of using the solution

1-     InfiniteECM Capture minimizes the time & effort of document indexing by limiting the users’ focus to the indexing function with easy to use standard interface.

2-     InfiniteECM Capture reduces errors resulting from users by automatically validating the index entered by the user on the fly.

3-     InfiniteECM Capture enables the users to utilize the full power of the scanners, by dedicating special scanning stations whose sole job is scanning, leaving all other operations to be done at other station than scanning stations.

4-     InfiniteECM Capture helps standardize the capturing process, using the rules that were set the system administrator. These rules govern the behavior of the batch ensuring data and image integrity.

5-     InfiniteECM Capture is fully customizable system per process to fit the customer needs exactly and not restrict any demand that may make the whole process faster and easier.

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InfiniteECM OCR-Server

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InfiniteECM OCR Server is specially designed to perform full content extraction using the OCR technology. OCR Server performs Multilingual OCR for the documents in InfiniteECM repository and fills out the resulting text in those documents to allow the users at the remote Servers to perform full text search on the content instead of documents that are available in the system. InfiniteECM OCR functionality automatically detects document layout, quality, and text export type and transforms image documents into editable text with different fonts and point sizes with extreme accuracy, using multiple third party powerful OCR engines.

Multilingual OCR. InfiniteECM OCR Server is capable of performing OCR using different languages including Arabic and English. The Server can also be integrated with other OCR engines to support many other languages according to the needs of customers.

High Accuracy & Speed. InfiniteECM OCR Server provides unsurpassable accuracy for OCR, even on complicated document structures and different font sizes and column data. It will also retain the document layout and structure, including text formats and images.

Infinite Integration. InfiniteECM OCR Server integrates seamlessly with several OCR engines such as and not limited to OmniPage, Sakhr, ReadIRIS and NovoDynamics provides a unified interface for all OCR functionality. InfiniteECM OCR Server can integrate with a multitude of OCR engines including English, Arabic or other languages.

Flexibility. InfiniteECM OCR Server is highly customizable. It can be customized to fit organizations’ special needs for OCR and text indexing for documents. In addition, InfiniteECM OCR Server is capable of generating files with different formats such as simple text, RTF, HTML, PDF/T, PDF/A and etc.

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InfiniteECM Fax-Server

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InfiniteECM Fax Server provides true enterprise solution for automatic sending, receiving, routing, and archiving high volumes of end-user and application-generated documents – all from a centralized or distributed server(s).

 Distributed your business documents fast and secure

Using InfiniteECM Fax Server you can easily merge advanced electronic fax exchange into your existing business processes and information strategies. Employees and customers instantly share business critical documents across and beyond the enterprise. The Fax Server helps your organization improve cash flow by dramatically shortening the cycle of business operations.

The results:

  • Streamlined information flow for faster communication
  • Increased productivity for administrators and end-users
  • Reduced messaging and business communication costs
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Improved customer loyalty relief

InfiniteECM Fax Server delivers versatile, high-performance automated fax for any enterprise environment, cutting costs and keeping business-critical documents in motion.

Using the Fax Server powerful automation features, you can accelerate document exchange, improve user and administrator productivity, and substantially reduce fax-related expenses. All of which helps your organization become more efficient and profitable.

Friendly User Interface Fast Integration

For ease of use in any client environment and in any location, InfiniteECM Fax Server offers a full range of interface choices it simplifies sending, receiving, and storing faxes for in-office users of InfiniteECM. InfiniteECM Fax Server boosts productivity and cuts messaging costs by unifying fax and email.

The Fax Server provides InfiniteECM with a versatile tool for automated reception and transmission of faxes, incoming or going from the system with ease and efficiency.

Universal Address Book

Using InfiniteECM address book, the authorized system users will be able to add entries representing contact information including contact name, phone number, fax number, and email address…etc.

Fax Reception and Fax Router 

When a new fax is received through the Fax machine on the server that has InfiniteECM Fax Server installed, the Fax Server will detect the incoming SID number and will automatically route the document to specified document type that is linked to that number using the Fax Router.

Using the InfiniteECM Incoming Fax router, the system will be able to map address book contacts to document types and document libraries inside InfiniteECM system using a simple easy to use interface in addition to assign the default recipient he will be notified about the new incoming Fax.

Fax Sending

When a user needs to send a Fax from with in the system, all he has to do is to indicate the name of the recipient in the address book and send the fax. InfiniteECM Fax Server will queue the outgoing faxes and optionally can hold sending until they get administrator approval before the actual transmission takes place. In that case once the system administrator gives the approval, InfiniteECM Fax Server will send the fax to the desired location automatically.

E-Mail Integration Option 

InfiniteECM Fax Server can be integrated with MS-Exchange so that incoming Fax notification can be configured to notify certain users about the reception of new faxes. In addition the system is capable of proving email notification about out going faxes status to the user that originated the fax in the first place.

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