InfiniteECM Downloads 2022

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InfiniteECM Desktop:!Ajc2oYHygk5IgaQUzhbsjtBkE3QKpA?e=5K0RFG

InfiniteECM Web:!Ajc2oYHygk5IgY87xiuy3wDOiMR_BQ?e=QKNb0g

InfiniteECM Workflow Portal:!Ajc2oYHygk5IgY8-ctj0UfgA87Jt5w?e=YvxHy0

InfiniteECM Diwan Web App:!Ajc2oYHygk5IgYltAoSxLgUPUeYlRg?e=80echm


You can download the latest updated files from the Public One Drive URL:

Download URL

Release Notes:

  • Enhance Document Type Roles (Index, Scan and Verify)
  • Enhance Reporting for Duplex Pages Count
  • Convert Images to PDF format when import as Object
  • Fix issue when global search exports documents with same title
  • Fix small issues in login
  • Fix Issues related to the long Station/PC Name (i.e. length more or equal to 15 characters)
  • Fix Issue in Generating Reports while using Future Date Index (Shown as 1/1/1970)
  • Enhance Import Template to Allow System Code Accepts Template Name
  • Fix Compatibility Issues with Latest Workflow Portal Release
  • Add “Person Name + Job Title” for Fax Server Contacts

You can download the latest updated files from the


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You can download the latest updated files from the